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A New Story Emerges…

I’m writing a new story, and it’s about…

…a platypus.

Yes, you read that right. 

Anyway, it’s super cool and I’m having loads of fun writing it. I haven’t published any of the chapters yet because I still need a cover, and I’m also hoping to round up a little audience to present it to. 

Now, you’re probably wondering why you should even consider reading my dumb story about a platypus, so I guess I ought to give you a little elevator pitch to give you a little idea of what this story is about:

Everything is chipper for Mr. Platypus. So chipper that it couldn’t possibly be right if he didn’t have his fair share of concerns. In fact, Mr. Platypus has come down with an illness. But this is no ordinary bug; no, he has been plagued with curiosity. And as anyone with even two cents in their wallet could tell you, curiosity always means trouble. This is the tale of Just What Exactly Happened To Mr. Platypus, because god knows you’ve been dying to find out.

Vague, I know. But that’ll make the actual reading part more fun! Are you excited yet?! 

Anyway, regarding my other story Marion’s Hideaway that I have still yet to finish, I’ll probably finish it eventually. All I know is that this new story has been really fun, and my focus is on that for now. 


Do You Guys Want Me To Finish Marion’s Hideaway?

I really have taken my time with Marion’s Hideaway, the book I’ve been writing on Wattpad. And, oddly enough, I just don’t feel like it belongs in book format. It’s something I want to visualize, I want to make it if I ever get into the entertainment industry, preferably as an animated feature.

The question is, do people really care about me still going ahead and wrapping up the story in book form? I just don’t feel that proud of it, and I feel like the story could be presented much better. I really hope you guys communicate with me on this. I have lots of other stories I want to write.

Chapter 10: Climate Change is Available Now!

Marion’s Hideaway returns after a (much longer than anticipated) hiatus! Since it’s been a very long while, and I’ve gotten many new followers since I last updated, I’ll fill you in on what this is.

Marion’s Hideaway is a story I’ve been working on for about two years now. It started as a completely ridiculous tale created from me and a few friends playing the “Story Game”, where you go around and create a story together. It’s just fantastic. I really believed in the story though, and I took it, refined it a bit, and started writing. However, the story has changed tremendously since then. I took my new imagining for this story and started writing it on Wattpad, a wonderful site where you can write your stories, as well as read other people’s works.

Anyway, you can read the latest chapter here.

Want to start from the beginning? Just click here.

Chapter 9: Fears Unearthed is Available Now!

This one’s a tad late, but nonetheless, here it is! A new chapter of Marion’s Hideaway!

Turns out Uruthyn’s Hottest Volcano is really a steamy sauna where all the hippest Uruthynians go to chill out. Too bad Marion is such a self conscious weeaboo, right?

We walked out and observed our surroundings. We were inside the volcano, but there really weren’t many volcano-y things to look at. No lava, or death. You know, typical Mount Doom stuff.

You can read the full chapter here.

New to my book? Well, if you feel like it, you can start right now! Just click here!

Chapter 7: A Light In The Dark is Available Now!

It’s Hideaway Sunday, and you know what that means! A new chapter of Marion’s Hideaway!

Marion and Tuck find them selves trekking through really dark catacombs armed only with a single torch, rhymes, and Marion’s sword, of which she has yet to use for stabbing. Will the odds ever be in their favor?

Bang! It made impact with an object we couldn’t see, however, we didn’t need to see it to hear its growling. “Uh, Marion?” I could see Tuck sweating like crazy under the torchlight. “Yeah?” I responded with a nervous tone. “Never do that again, please.”

Read the full chapter here.

Haven’t started yet? You can start here.

Chapter 6: A Stuffed Nightmare is Available Now!

I’m a little late on the update, but no matter! Here’s a new chapter of Marion’s Hideaway!

Marion has gotten herself into quite the predicament, and it’s up to Tuck to set things straight! Will Marion and Tuck escape with all their internal organs? Read to find out!

I tried to squint through the harsh darkness, but to no avail. I heard movement around me and voices spoke in a hushed whisper. “Someone has entered our domain.” I heard one say, “No one leaves alive.”

You can read the full chapter here.

Haven’t started my book yet? Well, gee, what are you waiting for?! Click here to start now!

Chapter 5: Welcome To Uruthyn is Available Now!

Sunday’s here, and with it comes a new chapter of Marion’s Hideaway!

The beginning of Marion and Tuck’s quest may seem a bit daunting, but no worries! Tuck is a walking encyclopedia!

I managed to keep my eyeballs in my head, however, the same could not be said for the breath in my lungs. Uruthyn was like nothing I had ever seen before.

You can read the full chapter here.

Haven’t started reading my book yet? You can start here.

Chapter 3: A Question Ignited is Available Now!

Quick Note:
I apologize to everyone who reads my Adventure Time and Korra reviews, and is wondering where my reviews of the latest episodes are. I’ve been on vacation, and I’ve had really crap internet, meaning I can’t easily get the screenshots I want, and I can’t rewatch the episodes very easily. I’ll make sure I’m caught up before the next episodes air.

So I’ve decided that Wednesday and Sunday will be the days when I post new chapters of Marion’s Hideaway, so mark your calendars!


Tuck’s speech is today, and Marion really isn’t all that interested, to be blatantly honest. Instead, maybe she’ll have a drink and make a few new friends!

I began to zone away from Tuck’s speech. Don’t get me wrong, Forest politics are a good time and all that, but I think I’d rather be getting mauled by a bear at the moment. Unfortunately, there was not a bear to be seen.

You can read the full chapter here

Haven’t started reading my book yet? Well, first of all, read it because it’ll make me happy. But if you’re gonna need a bit more convincing than that, maybe I could provide a little story synopsis:

How often do we look deep inside ourselves, looking for happiness, only to find a whole new world? Marion, a 16 year old girl, lives in a self-created paradise, where everything is exactly the way she wants it. No troubles. No heart-breaks. No letdowns. However, one would say that the more attached we get to our minds, the more detached we are from what’s real. Today, the perfection dies.

Interested? You can begin reading it here.

Chapter 1: The Perfection Dies is available now!

I’ve finished my work on the first chapter of Marion’s Hideaway! The story begins with our protagonist feeling a little sickly, but why? To read, just click here.

Here’s an excerpt:

My eyes opened wide, the salt of the water tingling them. “Why does that sound so…”, I paused, “Why does that sound so familiar?”. I tried to dig through my brain, find where I might’ve said that before. I thought harder, and harder, and strangely, the warmth of the water began to fade, replaced with cold emptiness. I was no longer submerged in comfort, but in a broad landscape of nothing.

You can show support by voting it up on Wattpad, sharing, and leaving a comment telling me what you think! I’ll begin work on Chapter 2 soon!

I’m Writing a Book!

Hey Critics, just wanted to announce that I plan on continuing progress on the book that I’ve been planning to write. Interested? You can follow my progress here: http://w.tt/1eeC3Ke

Need a little convincing? Well, I’ll give you a little excerpt from the Prologue.

One could say that everything happens for a reason, whether it be good or bad. You could choose to accept this truth or reject it, but no matter what your conclusion is, truth will always be truth, and the lies we create in our mind will always be lies. We learn these things as we endure life’s hardships and trials. Everything begins to make sense. I can’t say I didn’t catch the drift, or that I didn’t know any better. I simply stored it away, and replaced it with the things that I wanted to hear. That it was my parents fault, or my peers. In Uruthyn I didn’t have to worry about who I was or what people thought. It was a happy place full of friends and adventure. It was my hideaway, so why would I ever want to leave? Luckily for me, I couldn’t.

What do you think? Are you interested now? Well feel free to follow me on Wattpad to get updated when I publish a new chapter. See ya!