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The Future of The Critic’s Canvas

“Hello, long time no see, it’s nice to see you again, where the hell have you been?”

Yes, I kinda fell off the face of the earth. And if anything, that time floating through the vast emptiness of space gave me lots of time to think about what my vision for The Critic’s Canvas was gonna be. My overall web traffic has been dropping tremendously over the past couple months (because I’ve been posting much, much less) and it kinda sucks. I had a good thing going for a while! My Adventure Time reviews were reeling in good views, and most importantly, I had lots of fun writing them! Eventually I became confident enough to think that I could handle covering two shows at one time, and it went pretty well. However, there would be times when I just didn’t feel like writing, and that would cause me to put off an episode review, and eventually I’d find myself forcing myself to do a review just so I could get to the next deadline. It wasn’t fun, and that’s when I stopped caring as much. My hobbie had become a job, in my mind at least, and one that doesn’t pay at that. I begun to feel like I had gotten ahead of myself; thinking I could handle all these deadlines all by myself. I mean, I probably could. It’s definitely not impossible, but I just lacked the motivation and passion I used to have.

Now understand, I’m still very much interested in keeping The Critic’s Canvas alive, but I think I’m done with scheduled episode reviews; even though they were my main source of views. But ultimately, this blog isn’t about getting views (even though I love people actually seeing my work), it’s about practice; refining my talent. Something I can show to a possible employer, to show them my worth. It’s me writing for the long run. What I want to write are series reviews (instead of individual episode reviews), Thinking Out Loud pieces, game reviews, updates about the books I might write, etc. I sincerely apologize for disappearing for so long without notice. I hope you understand.

Oh yeah, and this blog has been around for about a year now that 2015 has rolled in! I started this blog January of 2014, kind of as a “New Year goal” to better my writing ability and hopefully garner some attention. It’s been fun. Let’s see where the next year takes us.

My Thoughts and Opinions on Handhelds


As I’ve mentioned before, the first video game I ever played was Pokemon Blue on the Gameboy Color. The majority of my earlier years were spent playing on handhelds, mostly my treasured Gameboy SP that I got for Christmas when I was 5. My favorite game was Kirby and The Amazing Mirror; I played it all the time!

Anyway, the point I’m trying to make here is that I’m pretty fond of handhelds. It wasn’t until I was like 8 that I got a PS1, and not until I was like 10 that I got a PS2. Yeah, I grew up with mostly Playstation, though I have recently converted to Xbox, but that’s a post for another day.

The last handheld that I owned was a blue DS lite. I liked the system, but there was no game that I played on there that really “made my childhood”. However, just yesterday, one of my friends let me borrow his 3DS and a copy of The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds and all I have to say is oh my glob. I need to buy a 3DS. It looks like it has a fantastic library of games.

Now, this brings me to the main point I’m trying to bring up here. I feel that strange feeling that is usually only felt by the old timers who don’t understand your social media site. I take one glance at something like a 3DS and say

Well, back in my day, our handhelds used 2D images called sprites to display the games.

I really cannot believe how far things have come! I play a game like A Link Between Worlds and all I can think about is that it feels like I’m playing a console-quality game, but on a handheld! It blows my mind!

Now, I’ve never played on a PSP or a PSVita, so I really can’t provide an opinion on them, however, I can say that the games on both of those handhelds don’t really amount to the splendor of the 3DS, in my opinion.

But, my opinion doesn’t really matter. Nope, I want to hear from you! Do you agree with my thoughts? Does the advancement of technology make you feel like an old man? Are you actually an old man? Tell me!

Also, is there anything I should improve or add to my blog? Do you think my writing needs some work? I want to know!

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My Thoughts and Opinions on Bioshock

I’ve always been into video games, beginning with Pokemon back in the early 2000’s. However, I’m just a kid, and a perk of being a kid is being dirt poor. My parents don’t buy me games either, which means I practically solely rely on borrowing from my friends. And a game I recently played, is the long-time classic, Bioshock.

Now, I actually played Bioshock Infinite before I played the original two, but I’m only going to talk about the original game today.

Oh, and..

So if you know anything about Bioshock, you know it has received it’s popularity and praise from it’s atmosphere, excellent attention to detail, and a plot twist that’s sure to leave your mouth agape. Also, it has fun and intuitive gameplay with plasmids and using the environment to do your bidding.

And all the reasons other people love it, are practically the same reasons I do too. The atmosphere is breath-taking, and the attention to detail really helps realize the world you’re in. I like the gameplay too! It’s fun to use plasmids on the environment and the guns work well. And, of course, the plot twist had me gasping like a fish out of water.

However, my favorite thing about the game is actually the time period and the awesome music. I’m kinda a music nerd, so the soundtrack in a video game alone could lead me to play.

So, I’ve given you my thoughts on the game, now I want to hear from you! Do you adore the Bioshock games? Or do you think they’re overrated pieces of trash? Tell me!

Also, is there anything I should add or improve on my blog? Does my writing need some work? I want to know!

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My Thoughts and Opinions on Consoles vs PC


Being a high school student who spends most of my time around other kids my age, I hear a lot of arguments (usually arrogant) amongst them. The most common I hear is the Console vs PC “Master Race”. This argument really shouldn’t exist, in my opinion, because I think someone should feel free to play on what they want to play on. However, because this argument does exist, I will give my thoughts on it.

To begin, I’ll first discuss what I like about consoles and gaming on said consoles:

When I think of a console, the first thing that pops in my head is the word accesible. Consoles can be bought at all kinds of outlets, and they are organized in a very easy to understand way. They are organized into generations, like the pattern that Apple uses to release their iDevices. I love this about consoles! It’s so easy to know what the newest consoles are! You know what to buy! As of right now, their are three major corporations with their own unique line of consoles, Microsoft with their Xbox consoles, Sony with their Playstation consoles, and Nintendo with their own uniquely named consoles and handhelds. The latest consoles from these companies deliver great graphical quality, hardware, and most importantly, great user interface. All these things bundled together with all the great games being released for these consoles packs together a neatly wrapped present of good experiences! Not to mention that, for the most part, they’re all reasonably priced! I love consoles!

Now, for PC’s:

Have you got a home computer? Than you most likely possess a PC capable of playing all sorts of games through downloads, marketplaces, and preferably, Steam. Steam is a great service for purchasing and downloading games. It offers great sales year round that are likely to empty your wallet on a few regrettable occasions. But to get to the gist of things, I have a few major problems with PC gaming. 1) It’s less reliable. Depending on your gaming rig, there’s quite a large possibility that your game could crash if your computer isn’t completely up to standards. This means that you’ll be upgrading your PC a lot, probably an upgrade every 2-3 years. And the worst part about this is that new computers don’t come cheap, especially top-of-the-line brands. 2) It’s less accessible. Casual consumers might have trouble understanding how to get the best graphics and/or experience possible out of their computer. However, there are lots of things I love about PC gaming. For example, games that are on both console and PC are usually graphically superior on PC than on their console counter-part. Also, modding! It’s extremely to fun to play with mods!

So, I gave an analysis on both consoles and PC, and of course, I tilt a bit closer to consoles. But my opinion doesn’t matter, I want to hear what you think! Do you prefer PC over consoles? Or do you agree with my opinion? Tell me! Also, is there anything I should improve on my blog? Am I a horrible writer? I want to know!

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Woah! We got a newbie over here!

Hello there! My name’s ChronoPhoenix, and I’m sorta new here, and I’d like to start building upon this blog I’ve started here. The plan I’ve set for how my posts will work are as follows: I take a topic, whether it be a video game, a video game console, a piece of tech, music, a book, a current event, etc. and I will provide my thoughts and opinions on said topic. Sounds fun, right? Of course, I’d love to hear your guys’ opinions too, and spark all kinds of exciting discussions! So stay tuned and get ready to criticize!