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A New Story Emerges…

I’m writing a new story, and it’s about…

…a platypus.

Yes, you read that right. 

Anyway, it’s super cool and I’m having loads of fun writing it. I haven’t published any of the chapters yet because I still need a cover, and I’m also hoping to round up a little audience to present it to. 

Now, you’re probably wondering why you should even consider reading my dumb story about a platypus, so I guess I ought to give you a little elevator pitch to give you a little idea of what this story is about:

Everything is chipper for Mr. Platypus. So chipper that it couldn’t possibly be right if he didn’t have his fair share of concerns. In fact, Mr. Platypus has come down with an illness. But this is no ordinary bug; no, he has been plagued with curiosity. And as anyone with even two cents in their wallet could tell you, curiosity always means trouble. This is the tale of Just What Exactly Happened To Mr. Platypus, because god knows you’ve been dying to find out.

Vague, I know. But that’ll make the actual reading part more fun! Are you excited yet?! 

Anyway, regarding my other story Marion’s Hideaway that I have still yet to finish, I’ll probably finish it eventually. All I know is that this new story has been really fun, and my focus is on that for now. 

Do You Guys Want Me To Finish Marion’s Hideaway?

I really have taken my time with Marion’s Hideaway, the book I’ve been writing on Wattpad. And, oddly enough, I just don’t feel like it belongs in book format. It’s something I want to visualize, I want to make it if I ever get into the entertainment industry, preferably as an animated feature.

The question is, do people really care about me still going ahead and wrapping up the story in book form? I just don’t feel that proud of it, and I feel like the story could be presented much better. I really hope you guys communicate with me on this. I have lots of other stories I want to write.

The Future of The Critic’s Canvas

“Hello, long time no see, it’s nice to see you again, where the hell have you been?”

Yes, I kinda fell off the face of the earth. And if anything, that time floating through the vast emptiness of space gave me lots of time to think about what my vision for The Critic’s Canvas was gonna be. My overall web traffic has been dropping tremendously over the past couple months (because I’ve been posting much, much less) and it kinda sucks. I had a good thing going for a while! My Adventure Time reviews were reeling in good views, and most importantly, I had lots of fun writing them! Eventually I became confident enough to think that I could handle covering two shows at one time, and it went pretty well. However, there would be times when I just didn’t feel like writing, and that would cause me to put off an episode review, and eventually I’d find myself forcing myself to do a review just so I could get to the next deadline. It wasn’t fun, and that’s when I stopped caring as much. My hobbie had become a job, in my mind at least, and one that doesn’t pay at that. I begun to feel like I had gotten ahead of myself; thinking I could handle all these deadlines all by myself. I mean, I probably could. It’s definitely not impossible, but I just lacked the motivation and passion I used to have.

Now understand, I’m still very much interested in keeping The Critic’s Canvas alive, but I think I’m done with scheduled episode reviews; even though they were my main source of views. But ultimately, this blog isn’t about getting views (even though I love people actually seeing my work), it’s about practice; refining my talent. Something I can show to a possible employer, to show them my worth. It’s me writing for the long run. What I want to write are series reviews (instead of individual episode reviews), Thinking Out Loud pieces, game reviews, updates about the books I might write, etc. I sincerely apologize for disappearing for so long without notice. I hope you understand.

Oh yeah, and this blog has been around for about a year now that 2015 has rolled in! I started this blog January of 2014, kind of as a “New Year goal” to better my writing ability and hopefully garner some attention. It’s been fun. Let’s see where the next year takes us.

100 Followers and Many More To Come!

Well would you look at that! The Critic’s Canvas has hit 100 followers! If I had a dollar for every follower this blog has, I’d have a hundred dollars! What a thought!

Ok, I understand that 100 followers isn’t really that big of a deal, but it is quite the milestone. I mean, to believe that in just about half a year I have gathered a whole one hundred followers, and that just about all of those people do not now me personally, is quite mind boggling! I’m really proud of where this blog has gone, and it makes me appreciate my sticking with it for this long. Thank you to all who enjoy my content. I dearly appreciate it.

And to all who have noticed a slower rate of posts lately, it’s because Mass Effect has temporarily taken over my life. Here’s to hoping I finish it soon and maybe even write a review on the trilogy!

Could it be possible that you’re reading this and you’re not following The Critic’s Canvas? If so, then I implore you to look over that Follow button, and perhaps, click it! I write reviews of new Adventure Time, Legend of Korra, and Gravity Falls episodes, and every now and then I write my opinions on certain subjects. It’s a good time.

Apologies for the slow rate of content…

Summer is coming to a close for me, meaning my classes are just around the corner. In other words, the first thing on my mind is being as lazy as possible until that time comes. Sadly, it seems this laziness has affected the rate at which I’ve been writing reviews and the such. I feel really bad about letting everyone who follows me down, and losing possible new followers too. I just wanted to make this update so that you’re aware that the lack of content is entirely my fault. No excuses. Gravity Falls begins airing this week, and honestly, I don’t know if I’m capable of writing reviews of three shows at a time, what with me already following Adventure Time and The Legend of Korra. Nonetheless, I want to try, because this blog will never grow until I go above and beyond. I may not get paid to do any of this, and it may take time that I could spend doing other things, but I want to do something with The Critic’s Canvas, what with my overall viewer traffic tripling from May to June. I hold myself responsible for this site, and you should expect me to give you what you signed up for. More critical bullcrap than you could possibly handle! Time to get back on the train to VICTORY!

I’ve successfully pumped myself up now. So yeah, this pretty much served as a way to get myself back in the groove. And it worked. Two thumbs up for me.

Chapter 3: A Question Ignited is Available Now!

Quick Note:
I apologize to everyone who reads my Adventure Time and Korra reviews, and is wondering where my reviews of the latest episodes are. I’ve been on vacation, and I’ve had really crap internet, meaning I can’t easily get the screenshots I want, and I can’t rewatch the episodes very easily. I’ll make sure I’m caught up before the next episodes air.

So I’ve decided that Wednesday and Sunday will be the days when I post new chapters of Marion’s Hideaway, so mark your calendars!


Tuck’s speech is today, and Marion really isn’t all that interested, to be blatantly honest. Instead, maybe she’ll have a drink and make a few new friends!

I began to zone away from Tuck’s speech. Don’t get me wrong, Forest politics are a good time and all that, but I think I’d rather be getting mauled by a bear at the moment. Unfortunately, there was not a bear to be seen.

You can read the full chapter here

Haven’t started reading my book yet? Well, first of all, read it because it’ll make me happy. But if you’re gonna need a bit more convincing than that, maybe I could provide a little story synopsis:

How often do we look deep inside ourselves, looking for happiness, only to find a whole new world? Marion, a 16 year old girl, lives in a self-created paradise, where everything is exactly the way she wants it. No troubles. No heart-breaks. No letdowns. However, one would say that the more attached we get to our minds, the more detached we are from what’s real. Today, the perfection dies.

Interested? You can begin reading it here.

Chapter 2: In A Forest Of Ignorance is Available Now!

It’s been awhile, but Chapter 2 of Marion’s Hideaway is finished and posted on Wattpad for your viewing pleasure!

Marion seems to be having a rough morning, but maybe an afternoon with her favorite guy friend will cheer her up!

I had never been good at communicating. One could say that I spent more time watching people live than living myself. I think I prefer it that way, though. It gives me an opportunity to think.

You can read it here

Still not convinced that my story is something worth reading? Well let me convince you some more with a synopsis of the story:

How often do we look deep inside ourselves, looking for happiness, only to find a whole new world? Marion, a 16 year old girl, lives in a self-created paradise, where everything is exactly the way she wants it. No troubles. No heart-breaks. No letdowns. However, one would say that the more attached we get to our minds, the more detached we are from what’s real. Today, the perfection dies.

I love the creative process, and writing is a great way to get those juices flowing. Marion’s Hideaway is an idea that I conducted last year, and it has changed quite a bit from when I first pitched the idea (the main characters were originally going to be platypus’s, or platy-people as I called them). I’d really appreciate it if you’d give it a read and tell me what you think. Also, this is my first time writing in a book format, so don’t expect perfection.

Legend of Korra Returns This Friday!

I’m a huge fan of both Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra! The Last Airbender was the show that me and my siblings would watch together when we were really young, and we would act like the characters and sort of act out our own stories in real life. Anyhoo, my point is, the series holds a place in my heart. The Legend of Korra, however, hasn’t really gotten there yet, in my opinion. I still love it, but it sort of feels…lesser to The Last Airbender, and I’m pretty that’s not just nostalgia talking. Nonetheless, I’m super excited for Book 3: Change this Friday, kicking off with an hour-long premiere! And guess what? I’ll be reviewing Book 3! Exciting right?!

So I have Adventure Time on Thursdays (of which I usually write the review the next day) and Korra on Friday. It’ll be pretty busy, but I think I can do it! Hopefully you guys are looking forward to both the premiere and my reviews, because I know I am!

Update: A Slow Couple of Weeks

Has it really been three weeks since my last post?! But I was finally getting into a good groove, right?!

Yup, in regards to things to review, these past couple of weeks have been quite slow. Adventure Time has been on a hiatus (it returns this Thursday), in fact, Adventure Time will air at 6 pm on Thursdays from now on, and you can expect a review of the upcoming episode, Breezy.

However, although it has been a slow couple of weeks for the entertainment world, my personal life has been anything but. I’ve been really busy trying to catch up on my online classes, and I haven’t had much time to think of anything to write, so I apologize.

So, is there anything you would like to see on The Critic’s Canvas? Is there a specific thing you want to see me write about? A show you want me to watch and review? Be sure to tell me, and I’ll make sure to respond.

Sorry for leaving you guys high and dry for so long.

Oh Me, Oh My. Time Doth Fly.

Well, this is kind of embarrassing. I’ve been gone for way too long. Don’t worry though, I have an excuse! And it’s not even that pathetic! Yup, I recently had surgery. I’m in pretty bad pain, I’ve been struggling to keep up with my new virtual school courses, and I’ve also been struggling with laziness, so yeah. I’ve kinda just let myself focus on what really needs to be done. Am I guaranteeing that I’m ready to make a comeback? No, not necessarily. I just thought I might as well clarify why I might be a bit absent. If I can, I will try to post, but I’m not gonna stress about it.