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Movie Review: Her (2013)

Oddly enough, for the past couple of years, it’s been unexplainably difficult for me to convince myself to sit down and watch a feature-length film, but this past weekend I actually went on a total movie binge, watching all the films that everyone seemed to be raging about for the past while or so, along with a few others I had been previously interested in watching. One of those films was Her, and out of all the movies I watched this weekend (a total of 6), this one seemed to resonate most with me, ultimately making me feel the need to write my thoughts down.

Quick little spoiler free review, as I will go into full detail in the real review: Do you like a good love story, honest and introspective looks at humanity, social commentary on the relations between people and technology, Scarlett Johansson’s uber sexy voice, awkward phone sex, the feeling of bittersweetness, and waist-high pants? If so, you’ll probably enjoy this movie.



I live in an age where going anywhere without your smart device is terrifying, where we rely on these devices for many of our activities. I mean, I think it’s pretty awesome to have this computer in my pocket at all times, in fact, I’m writing this on my iPod Touch right now. But every now and then I put down the iPod and realize just how little human-to-human interaction I actually have. Sometimes I just have this burning and painful desire to go outside and meet someone, make new friends, fall in love, to live. Most of my social activity happens behind my iPod screen, and I hate it. I take online school, so I don’t leave my house for education. I’m a rather introverted person, so most of my hobbies involve me sitting alone in my room. I saw a bit of myself in Theodore.


He’s lonely, hungry for sex, scared of commitment after coming off a divorce, and he makes a living writing loving letters for other people to send to their own loved ones. He’s pretty much a walking corpse, that is until a new technology is released: the OS1, a sentient AI capable of evolving as humans do. He installs it, chooses a female voice, and thus Samantha is born. She organizes his e-mails, proofreads his letters, and makes him feel alive again. They quickly bond, and Theodore finds himself putting in his earpiece often just to talk to her. Samantha longs to have a body, and to be able to physically be around Theo, and he wishes for it too, so he can embrace her. And next thing you know they’re having a kind of phone sex. They start a relationship together, and it all seems to work perfectly…until he starts overthinking the fact that his partner is a computer.


Anyway, I figure that if you’re reading this you’ve seen the movie, so you know what happens. This movie is beautiful, tragically so. In fact, it even kinda depressed me for a while. This movie just really instills that desire to connect.


Was it wrong for Theodore to fall in love with an OS? Honestly, I have no clue. But there’s no denying that the love between Samantha and Theo was beautiful. But then you remember that she claims to love over 600 others. Apparently that increases her love, but honestly, I just didn’t look at her the same after that confession. I really hope an OS like this is never invented, because if it is, my chances of creating new human relationships would probably be zero to none.

But the bottom line is this: I love this movie. It’s lovely, yet strangely bleak and depressing at the same time. I really love this world and these characters, and it actually feels like this not-so-distant future could very well happen in a matter of years. This movie really made me think about my life, and even though it kinda bummed me out, I really love it.

Oh, and the music by Arcade Fire, as well as the original song by Karen O, are great.

So, what did you think of this film? Did you find yourself feeling? Or perhaps reeling in disgust? Let me know!

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Legend of Korra Returns This Friday!

I’m a huge fan of both Avatar The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra! The Last Airbender was the show that me and my siblings would watch together when we were really young, and we would act like the characters and sort of act out our own stories in real life. Anyhoo, my point is, the series holds a place in my heart. The Legend of Korra, however, hasn’t really gotten there yet, in my opinion. I still love it, but it sort of feels…lesser to The Last Airbender, and I’m pretty that’s not just nostalgia talking. Nonetheless, I’m super excited for Book 3: Change this Friday, kicking off with an hour-long premiere! And guess what? I’ll be reviewing Book 3! Exciting right?!

So I have Adventure Time on Thursdays (of which I usually write the review the next day) and Korra on Friday. It’ll be pretty busy, but I think I can do it! Hopefully you guys are looking forward to both the premiere and my reviews, because I know I am!

Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 8 (Furniture & Meat)

A stand-alone episode that’s so great, it almost feels like it belongs in seasons 1-3.


Finn and Jake realize that they might have too much cha-ching when a simple tap to the side of their tree house causes the entirety of their loot stash to blow out the walls and interrupt B-MO and NEPTR’s innocent game of Robbing Hood.


So, in order to create some much needed space in their treasure room, Finn and Jake decide to hit the city to burn all this grease. But will the power of money consume our adolescent heroes? Just ask all this furniture and meat.


Is This A Good Place To Start?

Yeah, totally! This is a stand-alone episode, meaning it doesn’t bring up any of the important plot points that have been going on through the show, and it really requires no prior knowledge of previous episodes to understand and get something out of the story. There is one reference to an earlier episode used for a joke, but it’s nothing that’ll cause new viewers to scratch their heads.

My Final Verdict (With Spoilers)

I could be one of those guys that likes to show off just how smart he is by digging really deep into every little thing that happens ever, but I’d rather not. If a piece of work, whether it be a show, movie, novel, painting, or play is trying to say something; I catch it and it really sinks in and heightens the feeling of awe that I receive from something; then yeah I’m gonna point it out and I’m gonna talk about it. However, I’d like to avoid sounding like a pretentious twat whenever I can, so that’s why I’m not going to talk about this episode’s “free market” message, because seeing as how I’m a 16 year old with an empty wallet, it really did nothing for me. In fact, I really just thought this episode was lots of fun! Seeing Finn and Jake in this kind of role was really entertaining, and B-MO and NEPTR playing “Robbing Hood” was freaking adorable.


Also, Wildberry Princess’s “Khal Drogo” style execution was golden (hehe, see what I did there). Also, something to point out, it’s kinda nice to revisit a past formula that Adventure Time used to use all the time; Jake doing something un-noble and Finn trying to bring him back to the light. It’s just been a while since we’ve heard Finn preach about his intense moral code. Also, the Psychic Tandem War Elephant returns for a brief moment! Anyhoo, I really enjoyed this episode, and I’m looking forward to a new Fionna and Cake episode next week!

No extra thoughts this week. I accidentally added them in the actual review. Oops ;P

So what did you think of the episode? Did it leave you chanting “M-m-money”? Or did it make you want to take a bath of molten gold? Let me know!

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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 3 (James II)

After the mindblow that was the Season 6 premiere, the show decides it wants to take a breather, sit on a wall, and munch on candy bricks; all while watching multiple Jameses and banana guards reenact a classic chase sequence.

The Plot

James II is a continuation of the Season 5 episode titled “James”. In that episode, Princess Bubblegum, Finn, Jake, and James travel to a mysterious crator, only to be ambushed by dozens of toxic creatures. In the end, PB decides to leave James for dead so they can get away, having taken a piece of his candy flesh so that she can clone a new one. In James II, we learn that the new James has been purposely killing himself so that he get even more Jameses, and most importantly, more shiny medals.


Is This A Good Place To Start?

No. Because this episode is a sequel of another episode, there are lots of things that could be very confusing to a newcomer. There is a flashback sequence that briefly explains the previous events, but I think it’s best to go back and watch the first part before this one.

My Verdict (Spoiler Free)

A good comedic episode, however it doesn’t really follow up it’s predecessor all that well. Still worth watching, but it’s nothing to get hyped about, in my opinion.

My True Verdict (With Spoilers)

“If we look alike, we should just have the same name. It would just make it a little easier. Life, that is. It would just make life a little easier.”

That’s definitely my favorite quote from the episode! I overall enjoyed this episode. The comedy was good, and I always love seeing the banana guards, however, there was so much more that could’ve been done with it. The James stuff was handled fine, but I think what we all really wanted to see was how Finn has been coping with the loss of his arm. He still had the flower on it and everything, which is nice continuity. There were also a few scenes where he used it, most memorable of which is when he awkwardly tries to pat Jake on the back. It just seems odd that he’s not showing more grief, than again, he’s Finn the Human. He’s not one to openly show pain. I think we can expect to see some more of Finn’s nub in the next episode, titled “The Tower”, though!

So what did you think of this episode? Did you like the way it handled previous events? Or did you think it totally flopped?

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