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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 17 (Ghost Fly)

Well, hasn’t it been a while, both since you’ve seen a new episode of Adventure Time (about two and a half months) and since you’ve seen me (about 2 months). I guess you could say I had my own little hiatus along with F & J. But I’m back now, and I’m ready to write the heck out of these reviews!

The Plot

In this year’s Halloween special, Jake is feeling irritable, and in an attempt to relax, he decides to whip up some tasty stew. But to his misfortune, it attracts a nasty, annoying, disease (tuberculosis, polio, etc) carrying fly; of which he kills on sight. But this fly’s got unfinished business in the mortal realm, meaning Finn, Jake, and B-MO’s humble abode may no longer be safe. Can they protect their home and themselves from this vengeful, buzzing spirit?!


Spoilers from here onwards…

Adventure Time has indulged in the horror genre many times before, with episodes such as The Creeps, Hug Wolf, No One Can Hear You, and many others. Ghost Fly is a welcome addition to the creepy side of Adventure Time, and ’tis the season, but it’s also a pretty good episode to come back on after such a long break. It has practically no ties to the over-arching story, and it’s rather accessible for newcomers. This is also a much-needed return for episodes where it’s just Finn, Jake, and B-MO getting into shenanigans. It almost harkens back to earlier episodes.

There wasn’t anything super outstanding about the episode, besides B-MO killing Jake that is…



…but even if the episode was nothing too outstanding, it’s Adventure Time at it’s core, and for that alone, I love it.

So, what did you think of this episode? Did it give you Restless Leg syndrome? Or perhaps you’re just happy to have Adventure Time back? Let me know!

Quick Note: My family uses Dish Network, so that means that I temporarily don’t have Cartoon Network and other channels due to an expired contract and disagreements between Turner Networks and Dish. Hopefully they figure something out soon. Are any of you dealing with this problem too?

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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 16 (Joshua and Margaret Investigations)

Yet another episode where the titular characters only make small appearances, however, this time it’s done in a way that could possibly strengthen a particular character. That’s right, we get to see more of Jake’s parents!

The Plot

It’s Jake’s birthday, and Finn and BMO are dying to know what his birth story is. So, we follow Joshua and Margaret (who is pregnant with Jake at the time) as they investigate miscellaneous crimes for money, and eventually give birth to everyone’s favorite magic dog! However, let’s just say that things don’t exactly play out the way you might expect.


Spoilers from here onwards…

Okay, so can I rant for a second?

I have found this season very disappointing so far. Why? Well, to put it simply, there just hasn’t been enough Finn and Jake. Adventure Time just so happens to have an extensive cast of characters, and they’ve really been focusing on these other characters this season. Now, usually this would be a good thing, but I just feel like they’ve been pushing the real “main” characters to the side a bit too much. I just miss seeing F & J go on adventures, or even just doing nothing together. Now don’t get me wrong, there have been some pretty good Finn and Jake episodes this season; for example, I really liked Furniture and Meat, and Ocarina was pretty good too, but that just isn’t enough. The season started off perfectly, and I had such high expectations for this season, and they just haven’t been met yet. I’m cool with focus shifting to the side characters every now and then, but there needs to be balance.

Okay, rant over. So the episode:

I liked it! Although we don’t see much of our main characters, we do get a bit of interesting story on what Jake is and where he came from. Joshua and Margaret are cool characters that we haven’t seen much of at all, and it was fun seeing them sniff out mysteries and stuff. However, the part that sticks out to me the most is the ending. Like, what the heck.


Basically, this creepy monster that can morph and transform into different things and shapes bites Joshua on the head. This leads to a very Alien-esque scene of Joshua giving birth to Jake, and then immediately following that, Margaret gives birth to Jermaine, Jake’s brother. Pretty crazy. The worst part is, they decided to not tell Jake, so he doesn’t even know! I’m hoping this all leads to more backstory on Jake, but who knows, it could just be a throwaway gag, although Adventure Time rarely ever does that.


So what did you think of the episode? Did you hate it? Love it? Let me know!

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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 15 (Nemesis)

Protective parents be trippin’ yo.

The Plot

A passionate man, who goes by the name “Peacemaster”, is rife with angst towards the Candy Kingdom. This fury is driven by the belief that there is dark magic and secrets afoot. He knows that PB spies on her citizens, and he knows that someone in her castle is an evil-doer. Will he succeed in unveiling the true face of the kingdom of candy? Or will Peppermint Butler take it upon himself to silence the issue?


Spoilers from here onwards…

Okay, so I’m quite torn about who to side with here:


• There’s Bubblegum and her candy citizens who follow her to no end. PB will do anything for the greater good, whether that be leaving someone to die so that others will survive, or kidnapping someone and running dangerous experiments on said someone to receive information that could prevent possible catastrophes in the future. People often say that Bubblegum is kind of “morally grey”; she does seemingly evil things for good, kind of. But no matter what, you rarely ever hear anyone call her out on it. Finn and Jake have shown concern before, but I assure you that Finn (I don’t know about Jake) would never turn his back on PB unless things got really donked up. And yes, she has a wacked out, kinda evil sociopath as a butler. Cute as he may be, he could be extremely dangerous were he to attack the Candy Kingdom.

And then…


• There’s Peacemaster, a guy who wants, well, peace; a world rid of evil, dark arts, and anything that could possibly influence his three kids in a bad way. Yup, he’s a family guy. Too bad these kids could care less about their father’s concern, and would honestly love to take part in some good ol’ dark arts. It’s kinda sad, really. I mean, sure, you could say that Peacemaster is kind of being a buttwad by shielding his kids so much, but to me it just means he cares. In fact, Pep But turning his kids into monsters really pissed me off.

So who do I side with?

Well, in this case, I’m gonna go with Peacemaster. It is true that PB oversteps boundaries on a far too regular basis, and honestly, I just can’t help but feel sorry for the guy.

So what did I think of the episode? I think it’s great! I was kinda becoming displeased with the lack of solid Adventure Time episodes as of late, and it felt good to see one that I actually wanted to talk about.

So what did you think of the episode? Did you shake a righteous fist of anger? Or perhaps sat back and enjoyed the episode with a bit of camomile tea? Let me know!

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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 14 (Princess Day)

There are quite a few princesses in the land of Ooo, so wouldn’t it make sense that there is a special day where all the princesses get together and discuss princess-y things?

The Plot

Princess Day is being held in Breakfast Kingdom this year, so fittingly, Breakfast Princess is leading the charge. However, Lumpy Space Princess could do with out all that lame political princess stuff. Marceline the Vampire Queen feels the same way, and decides to team with LSP to cause ultimate mayhem upon the kingdom of butter, bacon, sausage, and juice.

Is This A Good Place To Start?

The more I think about it, the more I realize that this show never really had a beginning. There’s rarely ever a moment of introduction for any of the characters, and you kinda just go with the flow while you catch little tidbits of information about each character. Because of this, I think I’m gonna stop saying that an episode is inaccessible because it doesn’t introduce the many different faces that appear in each episode. So yes, this episode provides many different characters, but this shouldn’t stop you from checking out the episode. If there is one thing I could say to newcomers, it’s that this episode doesn’t really showcase the best of Adventure Time, nor does it feature these characters at their most intriguing. Nonetheless, the episode has laughs, a smart theme, and a big reference to a certain movie that I’ve never seen, but people who have will most likely get a kick out of it.

My True Verdict (With Spoilers)

There are two kinds of people in this world: People who love LSP, and people who hate LSP. I for one rather enjoy the character, however, there’s no denying that she might pop up a little too often. On the other hand, there isn’t a single Adventure Time fan I know of that doesn’t like Marceline. So what happens when you pair the two together?

Both being rebellious women, they enact malicious acts of vandalism and goofy antics, like sucking the syrup out of a guard and running over Breakfast Princess with a breakfast automobile. But none of this makes them bad people, right? At least that’s how Marcy sees it. However, they both agree that stealing that CD was crossing the line.

When I first saw the title of the episode, Princess Day, I had all these cool theories about what might happen, and the fact that it was just another LSP episode, just with Marcy thrown in, was kind of disappointing. The episode is still really fun and cheeky (like really, the animators of this episode really liked drawing big cheeks on the characters). I kinda wanted a little bit more from it though.

What did you think of the episode? Did you HATE IT exclamation point exclamation point? Or perhaps you really liked it? Let me know!

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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 13 (Thanks For The Crabapples, Giuseppe!)

All hail the Cult of Giuseppe!

The Plot

Abracadaniel, Ice King, and a bunch of other magic users depart on a mystical road trip to find the almighty Butt Rock and start a new secret cult so they won’t feel left out when other wizards gather together for their secretive, jerky rituals. Oh yeah, and Finn and Jake aren’t invited.


Would I Enjoy This?

Perhaps you’re new to Adventure Time or maybe you had stopped at some point. Either way, this episode isn’t really the best way to introduce you to the show or regain interest. I recommend starting at the beginning of the Season, or even the entire series, if you’re looking to get into the show.

My Final Verdict (With Spoilers)


Really, there isn’t really much I want to say about this episode. Yes, Giuseppe’s strangely tragic poem is intriguing. Yes, the fact that Finn and Jake weren’t invited is hilarious. However, I just didn’t find the episode all that entertaining. In fact, the whole thing seems kinda pointless.

We see the bratty mermaids again. We see Little Dude again. And then there’s…Giuseppe. I still don’t even understand what the heck this guy’s deal is. He can write one hell of a poem though.

I thought the joke about jerky, secret societies in the wizard community was pretty funny, and the fact that they use Giuseppe as inspiration for their own magical society is pretty funny.

But if I’m really honest here, I didn’t like this episode very much. Perhaps you all think differently, and if so, tell me why, because I’d love to see different opinions on this.

So what did you think of the episode? Did you revel in the glory of the majestic Giuseppe? Or perhaps you’d rather lounge on the Giant Butt Rock? Let me know!

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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 12 (Ocarina)

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Jake’s pups, and it’s been awhile since Jake’s pups have seen Jake. What happens when real life gets in the way of an adventurous lifestyle?

The Plot

It’s the birthday of Jake’s puppies and…Jake is nowhere to be seen. An outraged Kim Kil Whan decides that his dad might need a little tug in the right direction.

Is This A Good Place To Start?

You won’t be properly introduced to any of the characters and there is a big reference to previous Season 6 episode, Furnitere & Meat. The overall plot of the episode can be followed without prior knowledge of the series, though.

My Final Verdict (With Spoilers)

Jake is lazy, selfish, and morally hind sighted; these things never stopped him from being likable, though. Here, we see just how awful a parent Jake has been to his pups, with him showing up 3 hours late to their birthday celebrations, and only bringing a handful of crusty macaroni salad for them to eat. It’s quite understandable why this would piss them off.

Kim Kil Whan decides that Jake needs to be put through life’s harsh realities to see that his current lifestyle just ain’t cutting it. But Jake doesn’t fix himself to get his and Finn’s home back, even after Finn thinks that Kim is right and that it might be best for them to get a real job. This episode shows us that some people will never change, and it’s best to just accept them the way they are. Sure, it sucks that Jake won’t straighten up, even for his kids, but you just have to remember that he has always been able to stretch out of every situation, even if he occasionally decides not to.

I really enjoyed this episode, as it was both entertaining and thought-provoking. It was also really weird seeing a bunch of really minor side characters from past seasons suddenly walk into F & J’s treehouse.

I really feel for Jake’s pups after seeing this episode, and I hope we see more of them in the future.

So what did you think of this episode? Did you think Kim was being a real time jingle blaster? Or perhaps you felt that his actions were justified? Let me know!

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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 11 (Little Brother)

Quick Note:
I’m sorry that this review took so long. I just got back from Florida last night, and when I was there, the cable reception was bad, the internet was dreadfully slow, and I was on vacation so I felt kinda lazy. So I decided that it would just be best for me to wait until I got back home to continue my reviews, just to avoid losing quality. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Brothers have always been a big part of Adventure Time, what with Finn and Jake being half-brothers and all. However, F & J are sidelined here, while Shelby the Worm discovers the beauty of having a little brother, and Kent (Shelby’s brother. Also his butt.) explores the joys of fighting bad guys.

The Plot

Shelby accidentally chops off his buttocks in a freak parkour accident, only to find that his rear has been given life through the magic of science. How will Shelby’s life be changed by having a sibling? Will Kent be deemed worthy of Shelby’s love and affection?

Is This A Good Place To Start?

This is a stand-alone episode, meaning it does not continue the show’s main story arches. You don’t need any knowledge of previous episodes to get the full experience here, so feel free to watch this one. It’ll show off the series’ quirkiness and it’s ability to focus on secondary characters.

My Final Verdict (With Spoilers)

The “hero’s journey” is a commonly used trope, but Adventure Time makes it fun and quirky, as you would expect. Kent goes off on his own to simply beat up bad guys, but gets himself into an even larger task; protecting the willow tree by slaying the Rat King. In order to do this, he must gather three ingredients and use them to build a cool sword. Yeah, we’ve seen it a million times, but Kent is freaking adorable and the writers manage to have lots of fun with the trope.

However, I wouldn’t even say that Kent’s quest is the true backbone of the episode. Shelby’s emotions towards wanting more with his brother are both endearing and relatable. And their little duet at the end is just too cute.

Also, the result of Kent’s victory being that the willow tree now blossoms every Spring is really cool.

There isn’t a ton to say about this episode, other than it was a solid stand-alone adventure.

What did you think of the episode? Did you try to cut of your hams in a desperate attempt for a little brother? Did it work? Let me know!

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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 10 (Something Big)

Adventure Time may be a show about adventures, but it can rarely be classified as “epic”. This episode was supposed to be part of the 45 minute “movie” that the crew was making, but was cancelled because the many scenes didn’t seem to mesh well. This episode definitely feels like it’s at a much larger scale, but it works as a singular episode.

The Plot

Maja the Sky Witch has returned to enact her vengeance on the Candy Kingdom, she even decided to invite Treebeard (Derren) to the party! We watch as PB and her candy allies battle it out to defend the kingdom. Lives will be lost. Hearts will break. And bones. They’ll break too. No treat will ever be the same again. 20140704-084803-31683162.jpg

Is This A Good Place To Start?

Not really. This episode is a continuation of Season 5’s Sky Witch episode, however, the episode doesn’t make the plot all that hard to understand for newbies. The villain clearly states her identity and her intentions, and because of this, it isn’t particularly necessary to go back and watch Sky Witch, but if you have access to it, then you might as well watch it.

My Final Verdict (With Spoilers)


Jesse Moynihan sure has a thing for episodes that move at the pace of an overflowing river. Both this episode and previous JMOYN feature, Betty, had stories that seemed to advance at breakneck speed, with important plot points happening and concluding at the speed of light, it can be pretty jarring. However, unlike Betty, I felt that this episode had a bit more room to breathe, and overall, I really enjoyed it. However, it probably would’ve worked better as a 2-parter.


Why would they kill Root Beer Guy?! Why?! He was freaking amazing! At least he got a little memorial at the end.


Sometimes episodes like this really make me wish there were more 2-parter episodes, because 11 minutes just felt like too little time to tell a story so big.

Also, what the flip is feelings?!

So what did you think of the episode? Was it sweet like a mouthful of guac? Or perhaps it left your neck a bit sore? Let me know!

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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 9 (The Prince Who Wanted Everything)

It’s time for another fan-fiction driven adventure with Fionna and Cake; this time through Lumpy Space Princess’s own writing (which is anything but exceptional).


The Plot

LSP has kidnapped the Ice King, and is forcing him to read her own Fionna and Cake fan-fiction, in which a gender-bent version of herself escapes from his monstrous parents only to find the humble and noble Fionna, and her cat Cake. With their help and influence, will Lumpy Space Prince learn how to overcome the harshness of life with fat and cruel parents?


Is This A Good Place To Start?

This is a special stand-alone episode, meaning it does not continue the show’s many story-arches, or in this case, even feature the main lead characters. You can watch and enjoy this episode without any prior knowledge of the series, however, this wouldn’t be the best episode to base the show’s quality on, as its characters and their dialogue are extremely dumbed down to showcase Lumpy Space Princess’s lack of writing ability.

My Final Verdict (With Spoilers)


Sometimes something is so pointless and stupid, yet so entertaining and enjoyable. However, in this case, the story is ridiculously absurd on purpose. They really did a good job of making this story feel like poor fan-fiction, and it just made the whole episode hysterical to me. The same can’t be said for my sister though. She just looked confused throughout the whole thing, and was probably wondering why I was enjoying it so much.


Also, I recently learned that the voice actor who did Lumpy Space Prince’s masculine voice is also the voice of Pate from Dark Souls 2 (a game that I thoroughly enjoy).

If there’s one thing I can say I didn’t like about this episode, it’d be Fionna and Cake’s lack of character. I understand that it’s supposed to be that way, what with Lumpy Space Princess being a flawed writer and all, but it just sucks that we couldn’t have the same charming and fun Fionna and Cake that we’ve seen in the other two episodes based on Ice King’s fan-fiction. The song was lots of fun too. I don’t know why, but it was just way too funny when Fionna and Cake started dancing along. Oh, and the ending couldn’t have been any more satisfying.


I wonder how many letters Cartoon Network is going to receive from angry parents about how Adventure Time taught their kids that the way to beat your parents at their own game is to “not care about anything”. Probably a good few.


So what did you think of the episode? Did it fill your heart with pleasure? Or perhaps it felt like a golden sandwich to the skull? Let me know!

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Adventure Time Review: Season 6 Episode 8 (Furniture & Meat)

A stand-alone episode that’s so great, it almost feels like it belongs in seasons 1-3.


Finn and Jake realize that they might have too much cha-ching when a simple tap to the side of their tree house causes the entirety of their loot stash to blow out the walls and interrupt B-MO and NEPTR’s innocent game of Robbing Hood.


So, in order to create some much needed space in their treasure room, Finn and Jake decide to hit the city to burn all this grease. But will the power of money consume our adolescent heroes? Just ask all this furniture and meat.


Is This A Good Place To Start?

Yeah, totally! This is a stand-alone episode, meaning it doesn’t bring up any of the important plot points that have been going on through the show, and it really requires no prior knowledge of previous episodes to understand and get something out of the story. There is one reference to an earlier episode used for a joke, but it’s nothing that’ll cause new viewers to scratch their heads.

My Final Verdict (With Spoilers)

I could be one of those guys that likes to show off just how smart he is by digging really deep into every little thing that happens ever, but I’d rather not. If a piece of work, whether it be a show, movie, novel, painting, or play is trying to say something; I catch it and it really sinks in and heightens the feeling of awe that I receive from something; then yeah I’m gonna point it out and I’m gonna talk about it. However, I’d like to avoid sounding like a pretentious twat whenever I can, so that’s why I’m not going to talk about this episode’s “free market” message, because seeing as how I’m a 16 year old with an empty wallet, it really did nothing for me. In fact, I really just thought this episode was lots of fun! Seeing Finn and Jake in this kind of role was really entertaining, and B-MO and NEPTR playing “Robbing Hood” was freaking adorable.


Also, Wildberry Princess’s “Khal Drogo” style execution was golden (hehe, see what I did there). Also, something to point out, it’s kinda nice to revisit a past formula that Adventure Time used to use all the time; Jake doing something un-noble and Finn trying to bring him back to the light. It’s just been a while since we’ve heard Finn preach about his intense moral code. Also, the Psychic Tandem War Elephant returns for a brief moment! Anyhoo, I really enjoyed this episode, and I’m looking forward to a new Fionna and Cake episode next week!

No extra thoughts this week. I accidentally added them in the actual review. Oops ;P

So what did you think of the episode? Did it leave you chanting “M-m-money”? Or did it make you want to take a bath of molten gold? Let me know!

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