I Need To Relax For A Bit…

I really don’t want this. Like, seriously. I feel like I’ve made good progress. Over 109 followers, over 2,000 views total; it’s great. However, I’m only 16. I just don’t have the means to make The Critic’s Canvas what I want it to be. Running a site all by yourself is not an easy feat, especially when you’re just a teenager. I remember when I was first starting up, and I had so much fun writing each post. But I just don’t feel motivated to write anymore. I feel like it’s pointless, because I just don’t feel like I’m good enough to be as big as, say, The AV Club.

I’m not closing The Critic’s Canvas or anything, I just need time to regain my excitement for writing. I hope you guys understand. Once again, I really hate doing this, but I really think it’s best…

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